Meet our new mascot, Pix!

Pix, the new Piczel mascot

With over 100 submissions and thousands of individual voters, our mascot contest was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who entered, and to all the voters! With so many great entries, we were confident no matter who the voters chose we'd end up with a fantastic mascot.

After we counted up all the votes, we ended up with a top 4, instead of a top 3! There was a tie for third, and so we will be buying an extra Kamvas 13 to fill out the prize pool.

Once we had our top 4 voted designs, we thought long and hard about which design to pick, but it's tough to argue with such a clear vote lead! Pix has a great, vibrant design which stands out against our relatively muted color scheme on, with a clearly identifiable silhouette and design that lets her be recognizable in a variety of outfits.

We've worked with Quinto to adjust Pix's design a bit to make her easier to draw (by removing the full logo from her back, and simplifying her socks) but for anyone that preferred her old socks, you're welcome to draw either.

We'll be getting in touch with the winners ASAP via email or twitter soon, and going through the prize selection process. We're hoping to get them all shipped out within a week or so.

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