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Welcome to Animancer's channel!

I'm a full-time artist! Watch me draw Lucky the jerboa and all his friends every day right here on Piczel!

>> Telegram (stream announcements)

Patreon and Ko-Fi!

>> FurAffinity

>> Inkbunny

>> Twitter

In-stream sketch commissions:

$15 for a 25 minute sketch! Just ask! (In-stream only.)

$ -> Kofi (Pay here to play a sound and make a message appear on stream!

$ -> Paypal (Or pay here.)

$ -> Cash App (US/UK)

°•. °•. °•.

Chat rules:

• You can share links, but don't spam.

• You can roleplay, but don't spam.

• You can share unpopular opinions, but don't spam.

• Be positive, be friendly, be cool.

🍀 Thanks for watching! 🍀


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