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Fun, music, pleasant stuff and chill.

Your artist, aka me, online! Watch me draw sexy stuff! Read the rules to have a good time!


  1. Please, be polite to others, rudeness is something nobody likes, think on this saying: "Don't do to others what you woudn't like to be done to you".
  2. Keep RP to minimum... you know, this can be a mess if going overboard.
  3. Watch out with sensible topics like politics or religion, this is obviously a callback for rule 1.
  4. Ask permission before posting links.
  5. Have fun!!

If you see I'm not talkative at times, it's because I'm concentrated, please be patient, I will see your message in chat and answer. I always appreciate your participation, don't be shy and say hi! ^^


What do I offer for you?

  • Sketches: Base price, $12 USD.
  • Inks: Base Price: $22 USD.
  • Flats: Base Price: $30 USD

This are base prices, and can change depending of what you want in your commission and the complexity. If you request any of my OC's, the extra character fee don't aply for them. Check my chart located just here for prices in this three items, as well as fees. ^^

If you request any of my OC's, or my Waifus, the extra character fee don't apply for them. There are some limitations, though, such as:

  • The discount only applies once, so there is not filling up with my waifus / OC's to reduce the base price.
  • This only applies to characters, not the other extras.
  • The waifu or OC you choose has to be visible and doing something interesting. Not something like "She's just peeping behind a couch" or stuff like that. Don't be cheap please X3

When asking for a commission on stream, please be sure to have an idea of what you want, references are truely appreciated, specially for characters and/or poses. (more if the pose is complex) Thank you <3

On the other side, I always manage 2 slots per stream, if you find them full, please ask me in case you wanna reserve beforehand, that way I note you down on my Trello and work on your commission on next stream!

---Reservation of slots has no cost, nor I ask for money beforehand to reserve, don't be afraid to reserve if you really want a commission done on stream!

What do I need to get a Fridaysketch commission?

  • Tell me via notes, or any private messaging system, what you want, and what type of commission you want.
  • References are really appreciated, specialy for complex poses.
  • Paypal.
  • Money.
  • Lewdness.


Seasonal Raffles

During December and January I hold some free raffles for the chance of winning one flat colored illustration. It's fairly easy to join and the rules go as follow:

  • You must be present on the chat during stream or at least on Discord during the stream to join.
  • This are not commissions so, I accept suggestions if you have some, but at the end, I go by my free will.
  • First I will run a Wheeldecide to choose one participant, once that happened, I will run another one to choose an OC or waifu (can be male, female, futa or femboy, express me your preference if you have any) to pair with your own character.
  • You get one stream of cooldown if you happen to win a raffle. (meaning the next you aren't considered, until next time) If you happen to win two times during this raffle season, then the cooldown time will extend until next season. This to ensure everybody gets a chance to win.
  • The character you get from the waifu spin is the one you stay with. (Hence why I ask sex preference) If you really aren't comfortable, I will have to spin from the beginning choosing another person again.

And... that's all! If you join this raffles, good luck to you! ^^

Are this the only options?

Nah… If you still want a normal offline commission, don't worry, check this link for information about getting one!

I also have a Trello for commission monitoring ;)


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