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I didn't think I had to write some rules for this channel. But things are getting a bit out of hand with certain topics so it has to be done.

For other links: https://picarto.tv/Suki262


  1. I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS! Unless I host or Co-host an event that provides free requests for watchers/followers of my pages, do not ask for them!

  2. Respect the owner, mods, and people in this channel. Please have some decent social skills before even thinking about attending this stream or else suffer the possible consequence of being banned.

  3. Ask permission first before posting any links! Unless I or any of the mods gives you the "Ok" to post your links.... Don't do it to yourself.

  4. If you have any questions regarding Commissions, Art trades, etc. whisper them to me. It's kinda embarrassing to where if I have to reject foolish ideas which puts you on blast, I wouldn't hesitate on doing so.

  5. Please no RPs. I don't want my chat flooding with RP's especially if it's one-liners. Don't do it


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