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Note: Any art you get, free or paid, are subject to my Terms of Service

💜Be respectful & listen to the mods. This space supports LGBTQIA2S+, BIPOC, etc! If your views do not align with this, you are not welcome.

💜Don't like the music? Mute the stream.

💜Do not correct folks' grammar/spelling/etc.

💜No religion/politics (Human rights are not politics!)

💜Please ask before linking & don't spam.

💜Roleplay elsewhere please.

💜Please take heavy venting elsewhere. This is meant to be a chill space!

💜Are you the client of the current piece? Critique welcome during the drawing process! (Not the Client? Please don't crit unless asked.)

💜?'s about your commission not currently being done in stream? Please respond to our email thread. (If it's scheduled for the days stream or something for the current "event", feel free to ask in stream.)

💜Questions about me, my work, etc are open! I'll answer what I can.


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