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Payment done via Paypal


Line Sketch: $20 Shaded Sketch: $30 Colored Sketch: $40

Extra characters (only one per commission)

Line extra: $10 Shaded extra: $15 Colored extra: $20

Stream Sketch rules:

-Don't send any Ko-fi until I accepted your commission. Ask first, send Ko-fi after please.

- I can do NSFW too, but won't draw Lolicon, Shotacon, Rape, Vore, Gore or anything too violent.

-Any particular fetish ask first.

-People interested must provide a visual reference of the characters involved and the clothing they will be using. In case you can't find an exact cloth reference, you can link a similar one with notes of what you want to change.

-You have to either send a visual reference for the pose you want or a complete description of it. Otherwise I will have full creative control over it and wont change it on the fly.

-I won't draw my characters in porn, and if you request any of them, I won't change physical proportions and features (i.e. Increasing the butt or breast size). You gotta love them the way they are :U

More art at:


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Adult content

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