I draw things for your entertainment. I also sometimes do requests here.

This place is supposed to be a relaxing environment for everyone, including myself. It isn't fun when everyone's involved in drama, so to avoid any risks I have decided to make these rules.

+Please keep controversial topics/discourse to a minimum. (i.e.: identity politics)
+Please try to avoid using slurs. Not everyone will be comfortable with you using them and instead of asking everyone in the room if "it's okay for you to say [x]", it'd be easier for you to avoid it altogether. This includes r-tard and "autism" as an insult.
+Try to keep heated arguments out of the public chat. Keep it in whispers or elsewhere.

Request Info
+You may request art of copyrighted characters from established fandoms, personal characters or other people's characters (as a gift).
+You may request art of my own characters doing most anything* you want. (i.e: cosplaying, genderbent, sleeping, eating, robbing a bank, smoking weed)
+Considering I will be streaming your request, I will not draw anything political, hateful/offensive, religious or overly sexual. I want this place to be as SFW as possible.
+There will not be a 100% guarantee I will draw your request. I only draw things I am interested in drawing and that I believe I will do justice drawing.


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