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Alvinus control seat testing Click to see full size
September 6, 2020, 6:42 PM 37 views

Alvinus control seat testing

Below the city of Alvinus there are ancient rooms and tunnels. Following one of these tunnels the daredevils of TNTCL found a control seat for the floating island the city is built on. Immediately they started testing to see if they could find how the seat worked. Was there a mental component to it ? Was it some kind of symbiotic process? The seat is covered in tentacles ready to grab hold of whoever attempts to sit on it. Numerous volunteers tried and failed. Leaving with their bodies covered in goop and their orifices probed.

They did notice that the tentacles had more of an affinity for elves.

This is one of the later tests where subject #45 Cristine said "fuck it" and assumed a position to let the tentacles take her in a more efficient manner. They quickly started the "docking" procedure and plugged her in ;)

After Cristine was finally released (having endured a 6 hour fucking) she mentioned that she was shown images off the spider war and the purpose of the control room. It being to stabilize the island in case of emergency. Whatever that means. She was not really coherent after that long an ordeal. Maybe the next subject has better luck deciphering the meaning of this place

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